4g does not work

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Hello, I am trying to use a 4G SIM card in India on my FP2. The SIM card works, it is inserted in slot 1, SIM card 2 is on 2G, the Vodafone app indicates that everything is ready for 4G, both the card, subscription and the phone but it is always on H. 4g never works. If I put the card in another phone, it does work, and also earlier this always worked in India. so I presume the issue is with th phone. Anyone an idea what the issue can be? One thing that seems to be different after the update is the advanced LTE mode that is not given as an option anymore. Anyone ideas on what to do?

What happens if you switch the SIM card from their slot?


Does this concern the upgrade to Android 7? Did 4G advanced LTE work when running Android 6. Then it might be a problem with the upgrade and you might try downgrading to Android 6 again?

Which operator does the SIM come from?

The FP2 is compatible with EU networks, some Asian and American operators use different network frequencies. I haven’t heard of problems with India though.


If it’s Vodafone - as he wrote - it should work.
According to Vodafone (India) 4G uses 1800 MHz, which is supported by FP2.
Same result on http://willmyphonework.net
Though 4G doesn’t seem to be available in al India. But if it works in another phone, that should be no issue. :wink:

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Vodafone India states the follwing:

4G Experience: Our 4G network on the superior 1800 MHz spectrum offers not just blazing speeds but also better indoor coverage.

(Click on the link “To know what goes behind Vodafone SuperNetTM 4G, [click here].” on that page.)


Did that, same issue.

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I have worked with vodafone in India before with the same phone and it always worked well. So I guess it is the upgrade to android 7. How can you go back to an earlier version?

Yes, up to now, I never had problems but did not check the LTE possibility for a while. How do I go back to earlier android version?

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See here …

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Last summer, I try tu use a second sim card on my FP2 in India (Airtel). It never work well and sometimes the phone was blocked without reasons.

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