4A Charger and FP3

I have a 4A OnePlus charger.

Will using it potentially damage the phone or battery (beyond the, fast charging in general reduces battery life) ?

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Hi, as long as the charger supports Quick Charge 3.0 it should be fine.

From my experience, fast charging does not stress a battery more than slow charging. Also, Fairphone has invented a proprietary eco mode, which reduces the charging power to normal for the last 10 precent of the capacity.

You can most likely use any charger as long as it’s not super crappy, since your phone tells the charger the maximum current that it can accept and the charger adjusts to that. I could also charge my FP2 which only supports ~1.2 A with your charger without damaging it :slight_smile:

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From what I found on the web, the Oneplus chargers have safety circuits integrated to safeguard the charging process and the phone. So there should be no problem.
To play it safe, you might want to check the phone for overheating when using the charger for the first (few) times.


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