4-Jahres-Fest | Austrian Fairphoners

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Wow, die Austrian Fairphoners gibt es schon seit 4 Jahren! Um das zu feiern, treffen wir uns wieder bei Glühwein, Keksen und mehr. Es wird auch wieder einen Jahresrückblick geben. Eingeladen sind neben den aktiven Community-Mitgliedern auch alle, die neugierig aufs Fairphone sind oder Reparaturen und Softwarehilfe brauchen. :slight_smile:

PS.: Oben kann man “Going” klicken. :wink: Vorbeischauen ist aber auch ohne Anmeldung möglich.


  • Datum: 10.12.2018
  • Uhrzeit: 19:00
  • Ort: Global 2000, Neustiftgasse 36, 1070 Wien (Haltestelle Wien Kellermanngasse, 13A, 48A)


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Happy anniversary :raised_hands: :balloon:


Haha, thank you Monica! Fairphone is the Austrian Fairphoners’ older brother (5 vs 4 years). :laughing:


I’ll be bringing a Fairphone Community Cake again.

Here is the recipe if anyone is interested:

Step 1: Bake a cake.

Step 2: Put a stencil of the community design on it.

Step 3: Sugar!

Step 4: Carefully lift the stencil so this doesn’t happen:

Step 5: Carefully transport the cake so this doesn’t happen:

[picture will surely follow]


Alternatively, follow steps 2 to 4 at the place of celebration :+1:


That’s what I did last year and made a mess with the powdered sugar - a mess that belongs in a kitchen. :wink:


Have fun tonight!

(By the way, step 1 is missing some details, given you made the cake I assume it involves a vegan recipe?)


Fotos vom Event

:de: :gb: Aktuell | Austrian Fairphoners

According to our statistics department 15 people attended last night’s meetup. :slight_smile:


I was wrong, the cake survived the travel quite well.

That was intentional as the community cake is any cake with the community logo on it (or made for the community).

But here are the instructions for this very cake:

Mix 250g of melted bittersweet couverture and 450g of Soy-cream (+we added some suger as it was very bitter) and let it cool over night (we put it in the freezer for ~10 mins)

Mix 130g melted vegan Chocolate, 500g flour, 380g Sugar, 30g backing-soda, 30g cocoa powder, 500ml Soy-milk and 250g margarine and bake it.

Cut the cake in two parts, put cream in between (we also added some apricot jam) on top and on the sides. Shred the rest of the chocolate and put it on top and on the sides. The original recipe then said put cocoa powder on top - we did the sugary community logo instead.

I believe our version was better. :slight_smile:


The meetings seems to have been very well organized.
And the cake obviously tasted well (and not only looked great) as in the picture above there’s a big part missing already. Maybe it’s not more as no one dared to cut away more of the logo… :crazy_face:



your package arrived today…

A little bit too late, but I will keep the chocolate until the next meeting :wink:


Omg I’m soo angry. I sent it a week ago :anger:
We switched to UPS apparently.


Thank you anyways, Monica! :hugs:


Oh no.
But I don’t think there are any delivery services that are not jammed in the pre-christmas time.
Also it’s not like we had a lack of sugary chocolatyness at our Fest. :wink:


Hi Monica,

thanks anyway. Delivery services at Christmas time have a lot of packages to deliver and we really had enough sweets on Monday :wink:

If some Austrian Fairphoner is running out of choclate- he/she is welcome to stop by at the GLOBAL2000 office :wink:


I think we do need to organize a meetup early next year… :chocolate_bar: :grin: