3rd Phone FP2 and 3rd which does not work at all!


I’ve pre-ordered my FP2 in september 2015 and I received it geginning february 2016.
Between february 2016 and October 2016 Fairphone replaced me my phone 2 times due to different big problems.

On the 29th October I received my 3rd phone and it does not work at all. No network at all, impossible to make a single outcall or incall. I’ve opened a new ticket to the Fairphone support and they conclued it’s again a phone which does not work. They asked me to open a return request and now my request is still in waiting status after more than 2 weeks.

No news from Zendesk for more than 2 weeks !!!
It’s awful

Sounds you had a lot of unlucky coincidences. Give them a call to remind them about your return request.

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