3G and 4G not working anymore

Since some days I can just reciev the “edge-network” for mobildata with my FP 2 (Android 7, Fairphone OS 19.05.3)
I still have far enough datavolume an my account, but in all places where i recieved in the past 3G or 4G, I just recieve “Edge-network”.
My friend has the same network-provider as me (E-Plus , Aldi-Talk) but recieves 3G or 4G at the same time as I just reciev Edge.
Thank you for your help!
best regards

Do you happen to use two SIM cards in your FP2?
If that is the case, only one SIM card can use 3G/4G, the other one is/must be limited to 2G.


I’m using two sim cards, but just one for mobildata und this SIM card is not working like befor. In the settings for this sim card I selectet 4G as the prefered network.

You have to set the SIM card you are not using for mobile data to 2G, and after that you can set the SIM card you want to use for mobile data to 4G.
You can’t set 4G for both cards, one setting has to be reduced to 2G first.


Thanks for this hint, I will check it today if this solve the problem.

After I set my second SIM card on 2G, the problem was solved. Thanks a lot for your help!!! :slight_smile:


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