3G / 4G mobile data

I’ve had my SIM activated and calls and texts work ok, and Wifi, but there’s no 3G or 4G mobile data. How can I tell if this is me not understanding the phone or an issue at the provider?

If you really can recieve 3G/4G depends on two things.
1: You can have two sims in your Fairphone.
Only one at a time can be set to 3G/4G.
2: Does your provider provides 3G of 4G?


As @Lidwien said, you can only have 3G/4G on one SIM. If you have 3G/4G on the “wrong” SIM, you have to set (in Settings → Wireless & Networks → More → Cellular Networks) the “wrong” SIM to 2G only first and then you can set the “right” SIM to 3G/4G.

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Thanks both. I only have one SIM. The provider provided 3G ok on my old phone.

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