33c3: Any FairPhoners?


I am attending the 33c3 (https://events.ccc.de/) and am curious about any other FP-users being here.
“Assembly” makes double sense with FairPhones.

From the angel system I can be contacted under “jockel”, my DECT number comes later.
Since my K9 is well receiving but not able to send mails, it might take some time for me to react (and we are still busy constructing…).

Best regards


@mungo: :+1:
I’ll get there tomorrow.

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I’ll be there as well and might give you a call as schedule allows :wink: @mungo

My DECT is 3500 (since the engelsystem recently lacks a little performance and I am unable to edit my account-properties…).

Does anyone of you have the new case? Would like to have a look :slight_smile:

33c3 went by without any (FP-)meeting for me.
In case of interest I might register an assembly at 34c3, so we could exchange knowledge.


Well, 34c3 doesn’t even have a location yet :thinking: :slight_smile:

Nothing is fixed yet, yes.
And well, presumably they have two opportunities so far.

I am quite sure there will be 34c3.

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Sorry, couldn’t make it and didn’t have a DECT available. Might grab an eventphone SIM card next time to fill up a second slot. Yeah, let’s try to set up an assembly next year, whereever it’ll be. Hope you had a great congress!

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