3 questions about Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3


  1. On my Fairphone 3, the button “Volume des contenus multimedia” is desactivated (not only on “0” but completely desactivated) . So it is impossible for me to listen anything on my new mobile.
  2. Are pictures available only via “Fichiers” ? Is there no shortcut (pictures gallery)?
  3. I do not find either the voice recorder (magnétophone).
    For 2. and 3. : any mobile I had before had those applications by default. For my Fairphone, should I download them on Playstore?
    Thanks to all and regards,
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Hello Carinne, and welcome!

I cannot say anything about #1, that would be “Media volume” on english devices, right?

As for #2, there should be the standard google photo app on your device (which I deactivated, so I cannot check)

#3: I don’t have a voice recording app on the phone, either, so maybe it is not part of Android9?

Remember that when you switched from an older phone, you have probably not only switched devices, but also upgraded your operating system, which takes some time getting used to (in my case, at least)…

Bonjour Carinne,

  1. Le menu n’est visible que lorsqu’un contenu multimédia est lu. Quand vous lancez une vidéo ou de une chanson et que vous appuyez sur les boutons du volume, que se passe-t-il?

  2. Il y a Photos par défaut qui est l’endroit où vous pouvez voir vos photos, images, vidéos, etc. .

  3. Par défaut, il n’y a rien pour enregistrer uniquement du son donc il faut installer une app pour.


Alain is right, if I understand his French. You can turn up the volume on your media sounds while playing media. You can also simply press the volume button while in the home screen, then choose settings below the ring volume and a menu will open that also allows you to change the media volume.


You understand French well :wink:

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Thanks a lot to all for your messages and sorry to come back here only know.

Hello Pano,
The media volume is in gray, which means that it is completely deactivated. So it is impossible to have the sound, using that option. Radio, personal videos, YouTube etc :frowning:

Il have indeed the Google photos application. But so far I had always, on each or m’y devices, a gallery in the mobile itself, gallery independent from Google photos. I used Google photos only as a backup and as well to create save albums.
But it is ok and I have already got used to using Google photos now not only for backup and synchronisation.

Ok for the voice recorder. I had always one on my previous mobiles but I will see on Play Store,

Thanks for your time.

Bonjour Alain,

Si j’utilise la touche volume lors du visionnage d’une vidéo, l’option media est grisée et inutilisable malheureusement.

Pour les photos, je n’ai que Google photos et pas de galerie sur l’appareil même. Je m’y suis déjà habituée. Ce n’est pas plus mal.

Merci encore.

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