3 different Fairphone 2 and none of them worked fine


I’ve pre-ordered my FP2 in september 2015 and I received it beginning february 2016.
Between february 2016 and October 2016 Fairphone replaced me my phone 2 times due to different big problems.

On the 29th October I received my 3rd phone and it does not work at all. No network at all, impossible to make a single outcall or incall. I’ve opened a new ticket to the Fairphone support and they conclued it’s again a phone which does not work.
After dealing for one month, they finally accepted my refund request.
Now they are unable to give me my money back due to an accounting issue.
No news from Zendesk for more than 3 weeks !!!
It’s awful

We can’t really help you with refund issues as this is a community forum.
The only tip I have for you is: Call them. That way things usually get sorted very quickly.

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maybe the problem were not the phones. In some cases special models of SIM cards or SD Cards cause strange behaviour. Did you use your phones always with the same SIM card or SD card?
Maybe you can try a different one or ask your provider for a new SIM card (make sure to save your contacts first).


Call the Fairphone Support. Your Problem will be solved faster when you call them.

Sadly, I’m having a similar experience. The first one, received in February 2016, failed - microphone didn’t work, reset regularly, touchscreen didn’t work - and the replacement, which took 2.5 weeks and 60CHF in customs fees - still randomly resets, especially when I try to use cellular service. The screen can be quirky and sometimes blinks, and the phone refuses to connect to numerous networks, but the regular reboots and poor battery life are my biggest challenges. I love the concept, but 600 Euros for a less-than-functional phone is a bit more of an investment than I can make, even for a sustainably made product.

Well. Most Fairphones 2, we have here in Berlin works fine. Of course there are several bugs, but the FP2 is absolutely fine as a daily driver.
Some bugs are annoying, but we get every month a software update. Other Android Users can only dream for such after-buy support.

If you have a lot of problems, which prevent you from using the fp2 as every normal smartphone - call support and they will send you an replacement. Sometimes also the replaced device is misbehaving and need to be replaced again.
But at the end - it will work. I’m absolutely sure…


Same problem here. I’m on my fourth phone now, the first worked ok for some months, then stopped charging. Two replacements heated up so much, that I burned my fingers. The fourth phone I bought here at a shop, as customer service at fairphone is poor and let me wait far too long and then I also had the problem with the customs fees (which they paid me back, but hey, I’m not paying fairphone for that, but for creating fair phones). Nr. 4 seems a bit better but is also heating up a bit. I’ll give it some weeks, then I’ll see. But in the end: great to create fair phones, but sustainable seems different to me, and it costs me way too many nerves.

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