2G connection bug

I have a strange bug which I can reproduce quite often (if not every time):

I usually have my mobile data disabled. If I enable it while in 2G-network mode, nothing happens and I cant use mobile internet. If I change network mode to “3G (preferred) or 2G”, it connects at once, even if it does not change to 3G mode.
The connection even remains if I change back to “2G only” mode.

As I live in a rather rural area, permanent 3G is no option for me (changing 2G to 3G and back all the time due to low 3G signal, I suspect that to consume a lot of battery).

Can anyone confirm this bug?
(Provider: Maxxim, Germany)

You’re right. Just set my mobile internet to “2G only”, the symbol in the notification bar shows the “E” as it should, but I can’t open any website. I get the error message (no available etc.) so quickly, that it can’t be due to a timeout. Let’s see if more people are affected…

I dont even get the E when activating mobile data while in 2G only mode.

Maybe it’s about APN settings… Don’t know…

Someone some ideas? Its for sure not as important as the reboot or camera bugs, but can we add this to the official bug list?

Just tested it.

Problem solved by latest update!


I only get a “G”, no " E" in 2G mode. But I can connect to the Internet.

Edit: I got an “E” in 2G only mode after I tried it at another place.

Problem occurs again, somehow different.

I still usually turn off mobile data. When switching it on again, it does not matter anymore, which network setting (2G, 3G or 4G) I am using, I get no connection sometimes. I have to switch network mode to any other mode and it works.