200 crash reports

I’m the only with a lot of crash reports more than 200 in one year…

it’s normally this behaviour in fairpone 2?

I’m very patient but sometime I thought it wasn’t a good investment :frowning:

Happening when? Or some extraordinary software running on your phone in the background?

Thanks for your response,

Sometimes it’s alone with screen off.

Usually with expensive apps, YouTube chrome, games

Others with WhatsApp with concurrent messages or photos

Always with GPS like goolge maps

The last update was worsen for my phone, there is some guide for downgrade easy?

I supposed it’s not Normally and I need to change my battery or mother board¿

Generally it is not normal as mine only has 3 within 8 months.

There are several tutorials here for how to up/downgrade or switch FP2 OS.

Please search this forum, but to start with:

Fairphone OS downloads for Fairphone 2

Do you also encounter random reboots?

Out of curiosity: what would you consider a crash report? Those dialogs telling you that a specific app is not responding (ANRs - App Not Responding)? And how do you get to count them?

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Mine had 7 crash reports in the last 2 years. Somehow I never noticed them though…

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@marcksunen: If that is what you are talking about, than these crashes are also called #randomreboots. Please consult the #rebootsguide and if the tips there don’t help please continue here.

You are the proof, that there really are completely reliable FP2 out there. :smile:

Mine has as of today 545 in 30 months.
But I would guess, that most of those reboots/crashes happened during a short time period, when the phone was for two to four weeks a real nuisance crashing 10 to 20 times on a nearly dayly basis.
The rest of the time there are intervals (merely hours), when it reboots 5 times in a row with only short times passing between those reboots. After that it works without any problems for weeks or even months. It’s really still strange to me, as I fail to identify any pattern to this.

E.g. when the phone is experiening it’s “five minutes of nastiness” it reboots when I just put it down on the table rather carefully. The next day it drops from my pocket hitting the floor with a heavy bang and … nothing. I pick it up and it works just fine, like nothing happened.

I tend to say “it’s alive …” and having moody times, just like me (or everyone else). :wink:

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Thanks, I read that I can ask for a replacement.

My FP2 (two years and four months old) has 81 reports.

So, in the last 2 years :thinking:, from now? Sure about that?

…then what about this.

Nov 16. Not even 2 years. So that makes your statistic look worse. Maybe mine is better now…

I´m just kidding, don´t take it serious…:rofl:

:sweat: I didn’t think of that, good catch! So 7 reports in 18 month.

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I have had 70 in two years, no pattern shown and all seemingly random

I had 1386 crashes from september 2017 up to may this year. I think I broke the world record! I sent it back to the Netherlands for a check. Still expecting any news…


That would be more than 7 every single day. :astonished:
Come on, what did you do to it?
Using it for playing table-tennis?
Just kidding!

Hope you will get some good news soon.

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Quite sure you did.
Could you even use the phone for some time between those crashes or were they counted and you weren´t bothered too much? Some users here have written that they also had some crashes, but couldn´t recall when those crashed happened.
It´s hard to believe that software is the only cause.

After a very long time, i have the only real solution for this problem “BUY A NEW PHONE”

The support process for this problem it’s only distract and delay you.

I’m very disappointed, I was believe in a fair product witch i could keep and repair for years.

Due to the nature of the reported failure, we recommend you send your device to be repaired at our repair center. According to our pre-diagnostic, it is very likely that the core module needs to be replaced. If that is the case, we estimate a minimum repair cost of € 378.05.

What is different with the Fairphone (1,2) to other more or less smart phones is that is has a lot of internal contacts, which other phones don’t have.
In my case I had display disturbance effects. I resolved this by taking the display out, cleaned the contacts and put it back in. Since then no bad effects.
In case of frequent crash, try to clean all the contacts inside , this might often resolve the case.

my 2cts

BR Erich

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And you can.

Don’t get me wrong here, I feel for everybody out of warranty and with a broken (or “very likely” broken) core module, as this is the most expensive part of the phone, and indeed you would get a new and well equipped phone for the price of the core module easily. That’s frustrating, of course.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact you could keep and repair the Fairphone 2. For years.

If there are #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help you determine whether the problem really is the core module.


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