17.05.2 Reboot after idle time

I updated to 17.05.2 (in good faith aufter the first Android 6 worked fine). Now my FP seems to reboot after some idling. Known issue? Any idea?
Thanks FP2-friends!

Anybody knows how to go back to the first Android 6, 17-04 sthg?

Random reboots have a lot of possible causes and you can find lots of solutions and tips here.
Could you describe your issue a bit further? When and how often does it happen? Can it be reproduced or does it happen randomly?

If you are sure it has to do with the update than the first thing to try is to reinsall the update instead of downgrading. Sometimes something goes wrong during updating and issues occur, but that doesn’t mean it’s the update’s fault.

Hi Paul, it definetly occured only after the very latest update. Never happend before.
It is also randomly and up to now I could not reproduce it in any way. It happens between 3 and 6 times a day.
I´ll try your hint to re-update.
But in the worst case: Can I downgrade?
Thanks al ot!

Yes it’s possible to downgrade by manually installing the older image, but since nobody else reported a correlation between the update and random reboots before it’s more likely you’ll solve it with one of the tips linked above.

I’ll put this topic on auto close in a few days - enough time for others to confirm if they have the same issue. Otherwise please continue in the random reboots topic.

Fine. Thanks Paul! If the reboot continues I#ll post it.
Best wishes

Bonjour Paul
Je n’écris pas pour me plaindre… Au contraire, je suis ravi de constater que depuis la mise à jour importante début mai, mon téléphone ne redémarre plus intempestivement !
Même si la température monte parfois à 47°,il continue à fonctionner.
Vous avez fait un grand pas en avant avec cette mise à jour.
Bravo et merci à toute l’équipe de FairPhone.

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