1503 crashes, hiccup information?

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My FP2 generated 1503 crashreports in 30Months so far. I need to find out what the reason for the crashes might be.
How can I find out what hiccup reported?

The phone crashes far more often lately.
I don’t even dare to sell it like that. But can’t use it either.
thank you


What hiccup reports contain is mentioned here.
But I think you can’t extract the information yourself.
When you have a backup you can try a #dic:factorydatareset and see if your phone is more stable then.
Or you can have a look at #rebootsguide.


Did you already install the latest update to Android 7.1?


When I had the problem of multiple and increasing reboots until the phone became useless, it was caused by a “loose” battery. And my guess is, that this is the most common cause.
You find my report here:


thank you. I am looking for a way to extract the information, in particular:

  • The reason the device booted
  • The reason the device turned off

Hoping I get a hint.


yes, it did not change anything about crashing in my case.


thank you, I will check it. (yes the battery is somehow suspicious)