10EUR off in webshop promo not working?

I have noted that there is a current promotion for the webshop. Sign up to the newsletter and get a coupon code for 10EUR off in the shop.

I have signed up with two different e-mails yesterday and not received any coupon. I contacted support today who said that they would have to email a colleague (due to home working) and would let me know, but I’ve heard nothing by the end of the day.

Does anyone know if this code exists? Any suggestions for obtaining the code?

Many thanks

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I see that you are an optimist expecting a response within 24 hours, can’t remember how many months ago doing this eliciting no result although Fairphone support was pretty stretched at the time with release of FP3.

I wish I was!! That was why I phoned them to ask directly, but I did expect a quick response when assured of one by telephone. No joy though :wink:

I’m sure I’ll survive without, and there’s better savings to be had than by waiting to sort it out.

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