1.8 to 1.8.5 upgrade issue

So I seem to have a different issue to the Google apps issue in the other thread.

I have 1.8 installed. I tried the upgrade to 1.8.5 about a week ago. This didn’t work as the phone stayed on 1.8. Also Google apps now does not work.

  • I’ve tried to reinstall Google apps but that didn’t work.
  • I’ve tried to downgrade to 1.6 cherry but that didn’t work.
  • I’ve tried the other fix on there other thread.

I have no extra partitions or anything. This is just a plain old fair phone!

Can anyone help?


I guess you probably read this before, but just to be sure:
Did you try updating to 1.8.5 with “stay awake” ticked (settings > developer options) and the phone plugged in?

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Thanks @paulakreuzer - this worked

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