1&1 Sim Card (german provider) does not work with FP2 for some reason, need help

Ok, so I am actually not really sure wants wrong here, but for some reason my FP2 seems to have a problem with a certain german provider called 1&1. I got a laptop sim card from them to make the most of my dual sim with 3GB traffic a month (LTE).

The thing is, that my android seems to have this card locked at 2G with no way to choose. I tried to other sim cards and they both worked fine, they were set on 4G and I was able to choose 3G or 2G (not that anyone would want to that). The provider already sent me a new sim card, but it has the same problem. I switched the sim slots, nothing happened. I tried the sim card in my girlfriends phone, 4G internet, no problem. Does anyone have an idea what I can do about this? I signed a 2 year contract for 10€ a month for this card, so it would REALLY suck if it didnt work!

Do you have two sim’s in your FP2?

Did you make sure that you have only one SIM card set to use 4G?

If you use 2 SIM cards, only one can be set to use 4G.

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You can only set one SIM card to 3G/4G. The other one has to be set to 2G only. So in order to use 4G on your 1&1 card, you must set your other to 2G.

oh my god, I would have never thought about that! one month of basically no mobile internet and the solution was that simple :smiley: thank you!